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Old Growth Western Juniper

Old Trunk Bark vs Young Trunk Bark

Scaly bark, no long furrows and not fibrous. About 85 years.

Very scaly bark, no furrows and no lichen. About 85 years.

Bark with no furrows and not fibrous. About 75 years.

The trees from this area are all in the 65 to 95 year age.

Some grooves starting but still very scaly, about 95 years old.

Young juniper trunk bark is easiest to identify.  Old juniper trunk bark can vary by location and is a lot more complicated.  Trees on the left are from old growth juniper communities and trees on the right are from young juniper stands.

Measuring stick is in six inch increments. Click each picture for a larger image.

390 years old. Deeply furrowed bark that is also very fibrous.

About 80 years old. Very scaly bark.

Some furrows are starting to appear but still very scaly bark.

About 75 years, 22 inches diameter, a great firewood tree!

135 years old. Furrows already defined.Can be an important replacement tree within uneven-aged old growth stands.  

152 years old. Gray bark with noticeable furrows.

185 and 205 years old. Fibrous bark has deep furrows.

255 years old. Deep furrows, with fibrous gray bark.

290 yrs.Very deep furrows in gray bark. Lichen, dead limbs.

Deeply furrowed reddish bark with lichen. 300 years old.

Gray fibrous bark, deep furrows. 310 years.

Lichen, deadwood, fibrous bark, deep furrows. About 355 years old.

About 95 years old. Scaly, smooth appearing bark.