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Old Growth Western Juniper

Red Lake Unit Manual Juniper Treatment

MNF, Doublehead Ranger District, May 2013

The Red Lake Unit, 874 acres, is part of the Clear Lake Sage-grouse Habitat Improvement Project Phase I, 9315 acres. The Red Lake Unit is south of Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

The project proposes to cut all non-old growth juniper. Since the young juniper is relatively sparse, it is to be cut, lopped and then scattered on the ground.

In order to assure protection of the old growth juniper, a meeting was to be held with all parties affiliated with the implementation of this project to discuss the design criteria, limiting operating periods and specifications. Further, inspections weekly, as necessary, in areas where old growth juniper are present, would be conducted.

Before Implementation, June 2012

There was a mix of old growth juniper and young juniper in some areas before implementation.

Other areas consisted mostly of scattered young juniper prior to implementation in 2012.

Project completed.

Photos May 2013

In our opinion, this is the first juniper treatment project on public lands in northeastern California where the project was implemented as it was written in the project proposal. The site actually looked better after it was completed than before implementation. The old growth juniper was preserved. The sparse young juniper was cut, lopped and scattered. Since the juniper was cut by hand, the native ground cover was only minimally  disturbed in a few places.

It was clear from the start of the Red Lake project that the Forest Service personnel in charge intended for this project to be a success. Excellent communication between the supervisory personnel and the contractor was apparent to us after talking with the contractor and the Forest Service project inspector.

Congratulations to the Modoc National Forest personnel and the contractor for an excellent job on the Red Lake Unit project.

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