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Old Growth Western Juniper

Parsnip Allotment, Northeast Lassen County,

California, June 2013

Parsnip Allotment, Modoc National Forest, is located in the South Warner Mountains in the far northeastern part of Lassen County. The nearest town is Likely, California which is about fifteen miles to the northwest. The MNF has a great camp ground at nearby Blue Lake.

Parsnip Allotment is one of those rare places on the MNF where livestock have not been present in any great numbers for the last ten years or so. Wildflowers and native grasses abound among the mix of juniper and pine with some of the most striking old growth juniper we have seen on the MNF.

Parsnip Allotment is within the inventoried Parsnip Roadless Area of the MNF. Elevation for the area we walked through ranged from 5600 feet up to about 6000 feet.

This old juniper woodland has some of the tallest old growth juniper we have seen on the Modoc National Forest. Many of the old trees in the Parsnip Allotment are living snags with extreme amounts of dead wood in the canopy. Both images above are of the same tree. Click here for a gallery of old growth juniper found on the Parsnip Allotment.

The permit holder has not run livestock on the Parsnip Allotment for several years. Wildflowers were in abundance everywhere in June 2013. Even under most old junipers there was a dense growth of wildflowers. Click here for a gallery of blooming wildflowers from Parsnip Allotment and Little Parsnip Creek.

This old growth juniper woodland consists of trees with a wide mix of ages. The old trees are characterized by considerable dead wood carried aloft. Often the old growth juniper are in very close proximity to each other. Click here for a gallery of groups of old juniper from Parsnip Allotment.