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Old Growth Western Juniper

Antelope Plains, Devil’s Garden Ranger District, MNF

Sage Steppe Ecosystem Restoration Project

Modoc National Forest, Modoc County

Proposed February 19, 2015

The measuring stick has six inch increments.

One of the characteristics exhibited by most old growth juniper is deeply furrowed, fibrous bark on the trunk that is gray or reddish in color. Since the bark on the trunk of a juniper tree is the last characteristic of the tree the chainsaw operator sees before cutting it down, it is very important for the Forest Service to make sure that all chainsaw operators on a project are able to accurately identify the trunk bark on an old growth juniper. This assumes that the Forest Service staff in charge of the project are also able to accurately identify old growth juniper using the characteristics listed by the Forest Service. This is a Gallery of trunks of old growth juniper presently within the boundary of the Antelope Plains juniper removal project.