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Old Growth Western Juniper

North of Timbered Mountain

East of Crowder Flat Road.

October 7, 2013

The measuring stick has six inch increments.

Commercial high volume firewood cutters on the Modoc National Forest look for a very specific type of Western juniper. They prefer old growth juniper that are tall, straight and with few limbs. These junipers usually grow relatively close together.

On October 7, 2013, we came across a high volume commercial old growth juniper firewood cutting operation located on FS Road 46N12 just north of Timbered Mountain.

The operators cut a fence to gain access to a 5.5 acre site of tall, straight old growth juniper. Early in the spring they cut the old juniper and left it. At some point in the summer the firewood cutters began to cut and remove the firewood. They were still working this site in October 2013. We noted at least two and more likely up to four truck loads of old growth juniper firewood leave this site in just one day.

Gallery of Individual Old Trees from the Commercial Old Growth Juniper Firewood Cutting Site. October 7, 2013

Gallery of Images of the Commercial Site on October 7, 2013.

A High Volume Commercial Old Growth Juniper Woodcutting Site Used During the 2012 Season.

About two tenths of a mile southwest of the currently active old growth juniper woodcutting site described above, is the remnants of an old growth juniper firewood site apparently used by some of the same commercial operators. Based on foliage condition and garbage left at the site, this site was probably in use during the 2012 season. As usual, tall straight old growth juniper were the targeted trees at this commercial site.