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Old Growth Western Juniper

Home Camp, Washoe County, Nevada

Corral Allotment, May and June, 2012 and 2013

Home Camp is located in Washoe County, Nevada about 15 miles east of Eagleville, California in the Hays Canyon Mountains. Corral Allotment is just east of the old Home Camp ranch compound and contiguous with the north boundary of the Wall Canyon Wilderness Study Area. These public lands are managed by the Surprise Field Office, BLM.

There is a mix of both western and Utah juniper in this area, but most of the juniper appears to be Utah juniper.

The old growth juniper woodlands at Home Camp are very extensive, whether on the up slopes or on the tops of rocky plateaus. Some of the finest untouched old growth juniper woodlands we have seen are in the Corral Allotment at Home Camp. This is one of our favorite places.

Surprise Field Office has proposed a juniper thinning project for the Corral Allotment. No date has been announced.

Extensive old growth juniper woodlands on the rocky plateau of Corral Allotment, elevation about 6250 feet.

These two images are of the same old juniper. This is a typical tree from an old growth juniper woodland at Home Camp.

The measuring stick has six inch increments.

There are large old growth juniper woodlands on the up slopes of the rocky plateau of Corral Allotment. This woodland is on the southern boundary of the allotment. It is difficult to find a young juniper in this area. See a gallery of old woodlands.

Wild Flowers

May and June are excellent months to find blooming wildflowers at Home Camp.

Size and shape of the old growth juniper varies considerably at Home Camp. The old growth on the left is only about two feet high. The old juniper on the right is about ten feet high and 30 feet wide. They are found within 50 feet of each other and close to the rocky rim of the plateau at about 6250 feet elevation. Click here for a gallery of old growth juniper found at Home Camp.

Corral Allotment has a lake on the rocky plateau completely surrounded by an old growth woodland. The lake is quite a surprise if you are not expecting it. The lake is about 22 acres and four tenths of a mile long with the lake bed at about 6200 feet elevation.

There are at least two “pygmy forests” on the very rocky areas of the plateau. Notice the four foot measuring stick in the left center of each image. These are the most vulnerable old growth juniper when an area is being treated to “enhance the habitat for wildlife and visual values”. Many contractors and agency inspectors seem to erroneously equate small juniper with young juniper.

Densities of tree nesting and cavity nesting birds have been found to be 20% higher in old growth juniper woodlands as compared to younger juniper sage-brush communities.

Wild flower abundance and diversity were especially apparent during May and June of 2013. Click here for a gallery of blooming wild flowers on Home Camp.

Home Camp with the South Warner Mountains of California at the far horizon.

Looking south towards Pinto Springs with the Wall Canyon Wilderness Study Area on the right.

The BLM completed their Sage Steppe Habitat Restoration project at Home Camp, Corral Allotment in 2014. The BLM cut down up to 80% of the old growth juniper you see on this page. Click here to see what has happened to this formerly wonderful place.