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Old Growth Western Juniper

Old Growth Western Juniper Woodlands

The old growth western juniper woodlands of northeastern California are some of our favorite places to be. The agencies (BLM, MNF) that manage the lands where these ancient forests reside, have a 50 year plan (Sage Steppe Ecosystem Restoration Strategy 2008) with a goal of removing juniper from several thousand acres per year, to “restore” the landscape to “pre-settlement” conditions. Old growth woodlands are often damaged by these “restoration” projects. No enforcement by the Forest Service  regarding illegal wood cutting on the Modoc National Forest is also harming old growth juniper woodlands. Cumulative effects on the old juniper stands in northeastern California are becoming critical. If public agencies do not begin taking the protection of old growth juniper communities more seriously, there will soon be few, if any, old growth juniper woodlands left in reasonable condition.

One of our favorite old western junipers.  

This old growth woodland is one of the few left that has not yet been impacted by wood cutters. The Forest Service has not yet targeted it for a “thinning” project. Each old woodland is unique and has its own location specific characteristics.

Increments on the measuring stick are six inches.

This gallery has images from several sites in northeastern California. Some of these sites have been used as “restoration” projects by the federal agencies. Some are sites currently being used illegally  by wood cutters.