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Old Growth Western Juniper

A recent wildland fire, September 2012, burned much of the Tule Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA) managed by the Alturas Field Office of the BLM. Just east of this WSA are many square miles of western juniper woodlands also managed by the BLM. Juniper removal projects are presently ongoing in this area and have been for several years with highly variable results when it comes to the retention of old growth juniper. We monitor this region on a regular basis.

This particular old growth juniper woodland is located just east of the Tule Mountain WSA. As with any old juniper woodland, this one has its own unique characteristics. The old trees in this woodland are relatively short and many have multiple trunks with a dead central spike. There is a  high number of dead standing snags, dead wood retained aloft, fallen snags and dead wood on the ground in this area. The native vegetation understory is in excellent condition since permitted cattle have not degraded this area significantly.

East of Tule Mountain, Lassen County,

Northeastern California, BLM.

These are images taken of an old western juniper woodland east of the Tule Mountain WSA. The images were taken during the first week of October 2012. The measuring stick has six inch increments.

These are images of individual old juniper trees from the old growth juniper woodland in the gallery above. It also includes images of standing live and dead snags present in this old community.